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Isometric Solutions is a management consulting firm that specializes in customer intelligence research, specifically Voice of Customer (VoC), Digital Marketing & Social Media integration.

Isometric Solutions is a research-based, action-driven management consulting firm…

which is pioneering an INTEGRATED INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM featuring:

Online Research System

VoC/VoE Metrics Integration

Online/New Media Content Integration

Multi-Role Digital Reporting Hub

Customized Action Plan Engine

We offer a customized combination of best-in-class software platforms for data analysis, including JMP/SAS and Confirmit, industry-leading analytics software companies, to create a new generation integrated analytics and reporting platform. Our Integrated Intelligence System offers market-exclusive capabilities, an automated analytics platform that can integrate multiple sources of data–real-time, on-demand. It was designed to eliminate the need for decision-makers to examine spreadsheets or endure Powerpoint presentations.

We guide companies in enhancing their effectiveness throughout the entire lifecycle of customer engagement, from fine-tuning key touch-points in the customer journey, to correlating with employee engagements metrics, social media and other market research—to create the big picture—with the customer at its center.

Company founder and managing director, Rob Reul, is a true innovator in both the management consulting and market research fields; he has created a proprietary business improvement model that combines the sophisticated mathematical quantification of customer and employee intelligence, with graphically clear  analysis and reporting, and an integrated action engine that drives and tracks performance improvements.

Isometric Solutions helps decision-makers quickly get to the bottom line–so they can clearly see how to improve their bottom line.