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Founder / Managing Director

A seasoned management consultant steeped in analytics  schooled in quality disciplines  providing clients research and strategy for over 20 years. Rob continues to pioneer Voice of Customer (VoC) intelligence – most recently by integrating behavioral and preference analtyics into decision making tools . He applied his extensive process improvement experience to create an innovative business improvement model unparalleled in the market research industry.  Expertise and credentials:

  • Quantitative Research & Analysis
  • Customer Research Design
  • Market & Customer Baselines
  • Choice Modeling & Segmentation

•Six Sigma – Master Black Belt
The measurement-based strategy focuses on process improvement and variation reduction for companies in any industry: manufacturing, transactional, products or services. The program is designed to eliminate defects in any process and drive innovation, by discovering feature/benefit preferences. MBBs help implement Six Sigma practices by performing: statistical analysis; strategic and policy planning and implementation, and training and mentoring of Black Belts.
•University of MN Choice Modeling Think Tank – Founder
Co-authored “Conjoint Analysis and Discrete Choice Experiments for Quality Improvement”
published January 2013 issue of Journal of Quality Technology.
Conjoint analysis and discrete choice experiments, which were developed in fields such as marketing and
economics, are useful for understanding the voice of the customer to guide quality-improvement efforts.
Unfortunately, these methods have received relatively little attention in the quality area. In this article,
we provide some guidelines for the use of conjoint analysis and discrete choice experiments. We discuss
what they are, why they are useful methodologies for quality improvement, and how a discrete choice
experiment can be carried out. We demonstrate the methodology by discussing a real case study in quality
improvement in detail. We then introduce a new class of designs for discrete choice experiments that are
robust for a class of possible models. We provide several examples in which an optimal design based on
the main-e↵ects only models is shown to have limited capability for estimation of two-factor interactions,
whereas the proposed robust designs perform well in the presence of two-factor interactions. We conclude
with a summary of key points and directions for future research.
Key Words:
Bayesian Design; Market Segmentation; Model Robust Design; Multinomial Logit; Nonlinear
Design; Quality Function Deployment.
•ISO 9000 – Quality System Lead Auditor
The highest level of expertise in the disciplined, data-driven ISO 9000 methodology, developed by the International Organization for Standardization. Rob has lead 18 organizations through to successful certification, most recently United Healthcare’s Optum business.
•National Quality Award – Minnesota 3-term Sr. Examiner
Only award by the President, recognizing superior process improvements by U.S. organizations in business, health   care, education, and nonprofit sectors. Managed by the National Institute of Standards & Technology, an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce.