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Each part of our process adds value.

We’ve developed proven batteries of standardized questions and streamlined processes. We pass these efficiencies on to you. As a result, you get exceptional value at a reasonable price. We offer a truly extraordinary information to investment ratio.

  1. Supported. An account representative serves as your contact throughout the process.
  2. Proven. Your survey starts with proven batteries of questions. You review these core questions and then we help you craft any additional questions that reflect your particular situation.
  3. Effective. We use e-mail solicitations customized to your company. This takes your survey out of the category of junk mail and increases your response. We then send your survey to your customer database list. We commonly receive 80% of your results in two days. Carefully targeted, sensitively worded follow-up to non-respondents further increases participation.

Two added features enhance the survey recipients’ experience. They can use our Contact Link ™ feature to initiate a dialog with you. And, if they should happen to have a complaint, our Complaint Link™ lets you immediately address their concern. After all, the act of receiving a feedback survey should itself be a positive customer interaction.

  1. Immediate. Unlike non-internet alternatives, you can watch your top-line results accumulate in realtime via a secure location on our site.
  2. Actionable. It is our reporting that truly distinguishes us. We provide concise, actionable reports that yield insights that can help you see – and seize – new opportunities. This is what sets us most dramatically apart: rich, strategic information that helps you make decisions.