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Horton Industries

“When we were looking for a platform Customer Loyalty system, we needed something that was fast, flexible, high-quality and a good value. With Isometric Solutions, we were able to survey virtually our entire customer base of OEMs, dealers, and distributors, in a very short time and get the results quickly. In addition, we could sort the results by customer category, customer size, geographic area, or virtually any other way we wanted.

I have spent significantly more on other Customer Satisfaction measurement systems over the years, but none provided me with the amount and quality of information in such a short time.”

Jim O’Rourke
Sr. Vice President Sales and Marketing
Horton Industries
Industry: Vehicle Components

Nye Lubricants

“Nye was looking for a Customer Satisfaction Survey solution that would enhance its current satisfaction measurement system, provide leading information about our customers’ needs, and meet the revised requirements for ISO 9000:2000. We were concerned that traditional survey methods were either extremely expensive or had very low return rates, and, that if we created the survey ourselves, we would not gain the leading information we required.

The Isometric Solutions Survey met all of our requirements, was easy to use, cost effective, and provided a close to 30% response for our first survey.”

Tom Gray
Manager, Quality Programs
Nye Lubricants, Inc.
Industry: Industrial Lubricants

Lake Region Medical Devices

“Last fall I was given the task of evaluating outside sources for a Customer Satisfaction Survey and comparing them to the costs of creating and implementing a survey in-house.

My original evaluations showed significant cost impact using outside sources. When I received your information and pricing it was incredible. Isometric Solutions had a program that really met our needs. Your survey included all the appropriate qualification questions, covered the key areas for feedback and provided a recap report that was easy to use.

Our response rate was 44% – almost unheard of in Customer Satisfaction Surveys. We have been able to determine clear objectives for improvement based on the information gathered. Utilizing the internal survey and comparing the end result was also extremely helpful.

The team at Isometric Solutions did a great job with our challenging timelines and was incredibly responsive and a pleasure to work with.

With this approach, I can look forward to the next survey instead of dreading the project.”

Beth Petersen
Manager, Sales & Customer Service
Lake Region Manufacturers Inc.