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Solid qualifications are an essential determinant in the selection of a consultancy.  This site aids that process by providing three views of the knowledge and skill I have accumulated over the last 30 years: work experience, education and professional credentials, and consulting engagements. Collectively the know-how has enabled me to start two businesses and consult effectively on a variety of business challenges.  The experience I bring stems from a consistent application of methods across a vast spectrum of industries including: food, chemical and metal processing, vehicle, construction, and industrial equipment manufacturing, computer and electronic manufacturing, financial and health care services, office supply and apparel retail, industrial railroad and commercial airline transportation, and business incentive and marketing services.

While the industry segments I service are quite diverse, they demonstrate four reoccurring themes: process, systems, certifications, research & analytics.

  • Process work – design, implement, audit, and institutionalize efficient best practices that ensure high-quality and reliable performance.
  • System work – address the overall architecture of the business to assure all facets are aligned with the organization’s mission and are driving profitability.
  • Certification work – prepare the entire organization for examination against established (company, customer, national, or international) standards of performance excellence.
  • Research and Analytics work – assess existence, extent, and quality of data available to drive business, develop data system models to describe and predict customer, channel, employee behavior.


Collectively, these experiences have positioned me to consult effectively on a spectrum of business issues across a variety of client industries.  The subject matter of each illustrated engagement relates back, in some way, to attaining business excellence through performance improvement.  In my consultancy, all efforts lead back to systems and methods that deliver reliable sustainable results.  Not just knowledge, know-how.




Rob Reul

Principal – Quality System Architectures

Founder – Isometric Solutions, LLC