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Interactive Reporting

  • Would you like to segment and interrogate your data?
  • Would you like to give easy and controlled access to more managers?
  • Would you like to identify key variations within overall results?

Our web-based interactive reporting allows for ready access and utilization of information to those closest to the decision making process.

With this enhancement, you receive:

  • Interactive access to customer satisfaction and loyalty results
  • Hierarchies that provide managers with access only to data relevant to their business
  • Filters that allow meaningful data segmentation. Managers can test “hunches” and hypotheses – e.g., that importance of delivery time varies by industry. Provides the ability to analyze the current state of the customer experience to understand the “why” behind the data

Data Analysis

Sophisticated analysis that can accelerate action

Our analytical capabilities can:

Drive top-level decision-making.

  • Our Executive Summaries combine one-page overviews of key statistics with a MS PowerPoint presentation of key conclusions.
  • Identify key customer subgroups.
    • Discriminate Analysis yields specific conclusions on subgroups defined by performance perceptions or loyalty categorizations.
  • Project the economic benefits of increased loyalty.
    • Loyalty Impact Analysis assesses and extrapolates the direct economic benefits of increasing customer loyalty.
  • Isolate high-impact customer processes.
    • Performance Elasticity analysis projects the impact that certain customer-oriented processes have on satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Assess the impact of price changes.
    • Price Elasticity analysis informs strategic and operational decisions by project the effect price changes would have on volume, loyalty and satisfaction.